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He had participated in international multimedia project "Brain Cell" (Osaka, Japan), "Routine Art" (London, England), "Nightexercise" (Stockholm, Sweden)" together with the radio and TV program this exhibition was been touring across the USA.

He had been a member of The Independent Czechoslovak Cultural Center in New York since 1987, and since 1980 also a member of the artist group "Horus" (Aureille, France).

He was also a member of British artist's group "Cactus Network" (London) and "The Secret life of Marcel Duchamp" (France) + new 'ANIMAL AMNESTY' journal (MENSILE DI informazione arte e cultura TUTTA ANIMALE - Varignano d'Arco - Italy.

He was networking for studio AU (ART UNIDENTIFIED) NISHINOMIA - JAPAN (Mayumi + Shozo).

He was a member of far European artist's group CYANOBACTERIA INTERNATIONAL: lémna pistia, since May 6, 1993, established in Finlandia.

He participated in Czech journal GOLDEN SECTION, first of all which told to people of the 1universaly, tranquillity, luminosy and remarkable simplicity.

Since May 6, 1993 he was a member of European artist's group CYANOBACTERIA INTERNATIONAL: lémna pistia, established in Finlandia.

1996, October 7: The slides projection by IVAN PREISSLER, "N.Y.C.`87 & 18 ARTISTS", Gallery VLTAVSKÁ, Prague, Czech Republic.

1995, September 28 (lecture): He displayed the works of Anthony DOMINGUEZ, excelent painter - in Gallery "U Řečických", Prague

1995, May: "Nomo-The-Zine", Mail Art Anthology, Bellingham; Washington, USA 1993 he organized "THE KIMONO PRESENTATION" by Mayumi Handa and her mother, JUNIOR CLUB, CHMELNICE, Czech Republic.

1991, October 25: In the program of Czechoslovak TV, "CONTACT '91, was a short sequence "7 American Artists from New York".

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